Ways to value yourself as a Woman.


Last year was funny and difficult for me. I had a lot going on with me that affected my mental health. From depression to anxiety.

Looking around to other successful and beautiful women of my age, I couldn’t help but imagine.

I was inquisitive, wanted to know more, I wanted to share with other women who like me, wanted to pull out from their depression and be happy just as every woman needs to – So I started compiling a resource you can use too.

I interviewed some close women I knew, I asked them questions like ” what are your mantras and tips of attaining self-love and care?
Part of their responses plus my practices joined together is contained in these 11 recipes of valuing yourself as a Woman.


Ways to value yourself as a Woman ( woman with self love)

Ways to value yourself as a Woman ( woman with self love)

Ways to value yourself as a Woman

1. Stop comparing yourself to other women

Our society is competitive, so comparing yourself to other women is natural too. But guess what ‘it can be very dangerous’ your mental health will be affected by Inferiority_complex, you will spend so much time looking at how ahead other people are.

There is no point measuring up or comparing yourself to anyone, concentrate on you and your personal race, channel that energy to making yourself free.

2. Don’t worry about others opinions

The society has a way of ordering you and making you conform to her norm, please don’t worry about it.
People’s opinion will delay your journey to being your best.


3. Allow yourself to make mistakes

Mistakes are part of life, we all make mistakes. It is just unfortunate how all we aspire these days is how to get perfect, an action that must have cost you a lot, give yourself a break, relax and if you know the mistake is not going to affect you so much and it’s not too expensive, take a chill pill and let that mistake flow, mistakes don’t hinder or slow your growth, you will definitely reach your goal it’s just time.

So, ignore that silent voice in your head that always tell you to be perfect. Make lot of mistakes – lol!! You will learn golden lessons.


4. You are more valuable than you look

So, I got used to body shaming, it started feeling like a compliment, when people say “Dorcas, you are dry (thin) ” I smile ☺ and move.
This point is important, your looks got nothing to do with what you carry and can offer, don’t be distracted.

Be like me, stop agreeing to people’s judgement of your looks that you are inadequate. Your values lies in who you are and not how you look. So, move.

Wear what you are comfortable and confident in.
Most people like to wear so much makeup and clothes while some like to be simple, whatever category you fall, stick to it and be happy.


Ways to value yourself as a Woman ( woman with self love)

Ways to value yourself as a Woman ( woman with self love)


5. Don’t be afraid to let go of toxic people

Cut them off as soon as possible, those people who represent toxic vibe and they don’t look like they will change or regret their actions.
Stay away from them and don’t have any regrets about it, it’s important and also like a liberation, although some friends are hard to let go.

Tip: secure your vibe. You are not being rude or wrong to exonerate yourself from company of people who only drain you.

6. Process your fears

Fear is natural and human too, so accept your fears and understand them.
This step can really help you in dealing with your mental health, so you already know what your fears are, you can now gain authority because of the clarity you have and you will know the strategies to dealing with them.

So all forms of anxiety will be a thing of the past because you processed your fears.

7. Trust yourself to make good decisions for yourself

Trust your judgement and instincts first, and stop having doubt about your abilities to do things the right way. Your feelings are always valid, so, when you are thrown in a state of making an important decision let yours be among the options – because you can only want the best for yourself.

8. Grab life opportunities or create your own

Why are you still waiting? For the right time? I’m talking about taking that step towards your dream, are you waiting for the perfect opportunity?

Take that boldest step now and make use of any opportunity You See, and if there’s none, please create your own opportunity.
Stop waiting and start working, don’t let circumstances tie you down.


Ways to value yourself as a Woman ( woman with self love)

Ways to value yourself as a Woman ( woman with self love)

9. Put yourself first

Women are good at putting others first – this is wrong. Don’t feel like its unfair to put yourself first. In situations where you know you should be, try to think about yourself first, don’t let this affect your emotional and social well-being.

Find time and give yourself a treat, like me, I choose days to stay in bed almost throughout or go out alone to nice places. Discover what lightens you up and attend to it.

10. Exercise boldness in public

Learn the habit of speaking your mind. Be bold, try to exercise boldness as you speak in public.

When you join a group of people all sitting and you see an empty seat please sit without taking permission, join a conversation and always make sure your contributions are relevant.

Learn public speaking, practice and always know that your opinions are as important as everyone else.

11. Be kind to yourself

We are in a very harsh world where people criticize a lot – don’t join them.
Speak kind words to yourself, and don’t ever use mean words on yourself. Celebrate yourself both wins and losses.
Isn’t it obvious that you have come this far? Don’t wait for your birthday to tell yourself how wonderful a person you are.

Final Note

Do you see your achievements at all? Look at you, see how far you’ve come.
Cut yourself some slack and be patient.
Self-love and value will gradually happen only if you let it.
Soon, you will look back to this moment and see how they almost hindered your greatness.


So tell me, was this article helpful?

Have you ever had issues like me on how to give yourself prestige and love yourself? and how did you go about it?

Use the comment session and subscribe too. Your friends might need this article too, please share.

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