“A woman should do this or that” “You’re a woman you should not be seen doing that or heard saying this”

Women expectations are tasking, especially when most of your actions are considered as abominations. People are always out to caution and advice you because you are a woman. You have the right to listen and do otherwise especially if they go against your wish.

You should know what is best for you and decide to follow your personal decisions because no matter how much you listen and do people’s wish, you can never satisfy them. Don’t let people trap you down with irrelevant protocols.

Know what is right and go for only it.

In this article I will be sharing with you 10 simple ways to become a better woman for yourself and I hope you enjoy the read and of course assimilate.

Ways to become a better woman for yourself include:

Accept your own imperfection:

Do not lie to yourself dear!! there is something you ain’t doing right. You should not cover it with what you are doing right else you will remain redundant, you can’t grow. Stop covering your imperfections, stop lying that you can’t be wrong, own your imperfections and try to at least work towards bettering that aspect.

When people politely point out your imperfections to you, agree and put your self to work.

Nobody gets better by ignoring vital parts of their life

Continue learning:

Asking questions is my surest way of learning new stuffs, I don’t care how old you are as long as I see something great to learn from you, I’ll always ask.

Learning is a continuous process, open yourself to learning new things, new skills will add up to your portfolio.

Be confident:

Someone ever told you how magnificent a woman you are? if no! that’s no big deal, look, people compliment should matter less. Perhaps your confidence level is low, you have zero believe for your strength and abilities, no body sees what you have not acknowledged.

What ever you do, please do it with all amount of confidence, deliver services like a pro. nobody believes in someone whose confidence is like a piece of dirty rag.

Take good care of yourself:

You have every right to look good, take good and proper care of yourself darling! this is because you are a woman and you should always be presentable at default, of course not because you want to conform to who/what the society wants you to be or do.

Get a massage if you can, look great. get a face beat if you want. anything that will make me gasps and say “wow, you look good” when I see you please do it.

note: I am not saying you should do beyond your capability anyways

Know your heart desires:

I love to write. My desire has always being to be a prolific writer where people will read my works and confirm that they are breathtaking and overwhelming.

Know what your desires are. These is one of the easiest way to become a better woman for yourself actually.

Get a mental picture of your goals both now and the future. work everyday towards achieving them.

Whoever came up with the idea of writing our goals down before working towards them deserves an award, that principle works like mad.

Don’t just desire to be better, you must pay these prices.


Don’t hesitate to seek help:

We know you want to get better, this still does not mean you won’t be needing help. In fact seeking help from people actually makes you be a better person. Needing people’s help does not make you lazy or unwilling. They are the right people who will help you and not rub it on your face.


Never be afraid to speak up:

Things have gone wrong, because women are not speaking up. Speaking up does not make you any lesser dear. It makes you better even, also you contribute to saving the society.

Rape cases, domestic violence, gender stigmatization and human trafficking are important issues that needs you to speak up. do you find yourself in any of these scenarios? directly or indirectly?

Never be afraid to speak up.


Accept your mistakes and learn from them:

It’s one thing to make mistakes and another to accept and learn from them.

It is alright to make mistakes, but please accept and correct those mistakes. It makes you a better person.

Be a good example:

Leadership by example is an attribute of a better woman. Try to focus on building and creating a niche where your followers can run to, they should be able to look up to you and want to be like you.

I have role models in almost all sphere of life. most of them are not aware they are models anyway, but it’s more important that I admire them and truly want to be like them and also beat their margin (YES BEAT THEIR MARGIN).

You can only be fulfilled when you lead by example.

Identify with other women:

Look for people with same vision and goals like you and identify with, these women with like minds help you grow and be better, they can help you reach your goals faster, it is said that ” iron sharpens iron.

Don’t just wallow with any friend you see around. people that are in your company have great impacts in your life negatively or positive.

Choose your friends and association, don’t let them choose you

Empower other women:

What do you do with other women who come to you seeking for mentorship and coaching?

As you develop yourself to being better, do you also prepare an aspect to empower other women?

Empowerment doesn’t have to be monetary, your presence matters too.

Fulfillment comes with empowering people.



These 10 tips are only easy with determination, you don’t just get better by being nonchalant or lazy.

Are you experiencing any difficulty in practicing any of these tips? we are here to help you too. Click here to contact us

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