Ways to be smarter and more confident

Being smart and confident is a must habit for any one who desires rapid growth. In a society where only smart and confident people excel. How will you cope?

People say smartness is inborn and only comes through genetic inheritance, so it cannot be taught or learned, I’m disagreeing with that believe because it is not proven to be true.

Smartness and being confident just like every other habit can be lost and learned, it depends on the personality involved.

This article will be breaking down 12 most practical ways to be smarter and more confident. We know you are smart and confident but among a whole lot of your type of people, how do you break the noise?

let’s find out

Below  are the 12 ways to be smarter and more confident 

1. Read a book everyday:

Reading keeps the mind constantly informed, you become versatile with knowledge of almost everything, so when people are discussing and they need your inputs, you would not wallow in vain and empty words.

Reading builds you, makes you strive harder at something, it teaches you new skills and habits.

2. Wake up early:

You should not have a habit of staying in bed for too long- that is a bad habit.

Most people say “i stay in bed because i have nothing to do for that day” can you hear yourself?

Wake up early, clear up those little task, think of a task you can figure out a way you can start doing task meant for another day, this will reduce stress and will build your smartness and confidence.

3. Have a weekly exercise routine:

Make a routine to exercise at least once every week, pick a day that suit your schedule and make sure you are consistent with it.

Exercise is a proven way to become smarter and more confident because it works on your mindset. Exercise is not just about keeping physical fitness, it also keeps your mental reasoning fit.

4. Pick up a new hobby:

Decide on a new important hobby, maybe swimming can be the new hobby.

At least get a new hobby and try mastering it, hobbies are important as habits, they put you in complete ownership of yourself, so you gotta decide what and what not to do.

So, if reading and writing were your only hobbies try to add something more recreational like swimming and travelling, so your life doesn’t revolve around professionalism alone.

5. Take up a new course:

The world has gone digital, no more challenges or restrictions to taking courses of your choice.
Try to learn new skills through courses, the good thing is, this dream is achievable online – ranging from free to paid online courses, some comes with certificate and some don’t.
Which ever you choose to go with will be fine, just pick up a new course and expand your horizon.

6. Overcome your fears:

How do you intend to be smart and confident with so much fears locked inside you?
Fear is an act of cowardice, it revolves you around a particular stage. Or what are you afraid of? Kill that fear.
Smart people are confident enough to overcome fear, so you gotta.

7. Do your research:

It’s strange when people ask you what you feel they should have known themselves, maybe through research or findings.
You don’t just ask people the meaning of words and how to fit them in a context when you have a dictionary on your mobile and have access to browsers.

It’s rather embarrassing how people who we think are smart ask irrelevant questions or have nothing to contribute to a discussion.
It’s as easy as doing your research.

When talking about coronavirus make people think you are a medical doctor, your smartness and confidence should be obvious (you should be sure of what you are saying anyways)

8. Start a handbook Or life diary:

This is not supposed to be your secret book or diary.
It is where you practice your hidden writing skills, try to write about what you love- football, fashion, makeup, politics, poetry etc.
Writing helps build your mind, it opens you to new things as well as opportunities.
Handbook is important.

9. Identify your mistakes /imperfections:

First, know what you are doing wrong, accept and own your imperfections and then work towards perfecting those mistakes.
No body builds confidence around mistakes.

10. Get a Mentor or Coach:

Know how smart you want to be, identify people who exhibit that smartness and make them your mentor or coach.

Mentors and coaches don’t have to be close people, you can still have great writers as mentors, so while you read their books, they extend a hand of Mentorship to you.

It is also perfect to have a feasible and close mentor, Who you can always talk to for advice and encouragement.

11. Encourage yourself:

You are the only person who can encourage yourself better, you can always pick up pieces of yourself after a lost battle, maybe you didn’t perform well in a competition, public speech etc.
This is because you are yourself, you know complete details of what went wrong, you will know how you can tackle and solve your problems.
Explaining to people for encouragement and ideas have limit, you are your best motivator.

12. Identify with intelligent people:

You should not be seen around gullible people, people whose speech and actions doesn’t portray smartness.

Identify with sound minds, people whose confidence only boost yours, people who can teach you new ways of being smart.



The ways listed above are very practical and works perfectly when considered.
With Smartness and confidence, someone can be on top of his or her game.

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