Steps to move on from a relationship in Nigeria

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steps to move on from a relationship in Nigeria.

Usually people find it difficult to move on from toxic relationships with people who maybe for some reasons do not deserve their company anymore.

Have you ever been stuck in a relationship that was rather draining?
Do you always feel you won’t find companionship somewhere else if you leave these persons?

Are you still staying with someone because maybe you are scared of what the society will say?

Does it sound like I’m talking to or about you?

You are welcome.

Because you are reading the right article.
Look, we’ve all been there, so I definitely can relate. These stuff happen to so many persons and it is safe to say it is normal. Yes, really.

But here we go!!
You don’t have to stay around if you are not comfortable anymore, you know life is short right? Yes it is.

So we gotta do what we gotta do.

Actually we gotta do what is right and what goes well with our peace.

Because peace is what matters right?
People find it hard to deal with toxic relations but then can’t move on?
I get it.

Reasons are uncountable, reasons good enough for you to stick around.
At least, you’ve been together for 6 years, you started the business together, or he is your childhood buddy. Whatever.

Is it draining you?
Move on.

So I’ll be giving us practical steps to move on from a relationship in Nigeria.

steps to move on from a relationship in Nigeria

steps to move on from a relationship in Nigeria

Reduce your calling rate

Close friends have routine of calling themselves to check up and make sure they are staying aboard of what’s happening around their friend or partner.

So, it is safe if I assume you call at dawn to say good morning, during the day to check up on them how their day is coming and later at night to say goodnight. Awwwn, how sweet of you darling.

But it’s time to cut down, here it is.
You no longer want to continue with that relationship for obvious reasons, but you are not just going to cut off from them just like that.

First we hate to move on from people then make them our enemies at the end. Remember we’ve had nice times with them yeah?

They may be toxic now, but we don’t want to ruin the chances of getting favor from them in future. Not like we want to be Pest or gold diggers NO.

Firstly, call them just once in a day, pick your favorite hours, call them. Check up on them, ask them how their day went and all those fantasies, be cheerful.

As as you move on try not to call them throughout 24-48 hours
You want to move on and not to die please.


How to deal with their frequent calls?

You are busy dear, you got some very important activities to catch up and taking their calls will delay you or even make you loose a deal or contract.


Oh no! Spare me that side eye look, am not teaching you how to tell lies.
But whichever method you may want to excuse their frequent calls, it’s fine.

You want to move on right?
You can’t spend all your day talking to people you want to get rid of from your life.

And as you avoid their calls, try to return calls and maybe don’t explain why you were not taking calls and even when you need to, say it like you don’t owe them that.

Wait!! Who wants to move on from someone who calls frequently anyway?
Isn’t this a sweet habit to help you stick your ass with someone forever?

Reduce how often you meet with them

Oh, unfortunately your once in a week dates has to be once in a month now dear.

You don’t want to keep seeing this persons, remember you are trying to heal.

Staying away from them will help you get rid of the memory and all those stuff.
So just relax and don’t meet with them too soon.

steps to move on from a relationship in Nigeria

steps to move on from a relationship in Nigeria

Talk on phone and text.
You know distance is a bastard.
That fool plays a role without your permission.


Get involved in activities

Get busy with necessary things and activities. This works magic.

Time heals. And as you get busy with stuff without giving a damn anymore, time at the other hand is working the wonders of healing us.

For a while those necessary activities will pay off and at the other hand you have your peace again because you have moved on.

Make friends

Hey stop it, stop running away from making friends, I understand friends are back stabbers and can be very toxic and unbelievable but that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make friends right?

Whether or not you choose to involve your friends in a relationship you are trying to get rid of, we can’t over emphasize the fact that friends play an important role.

I respect my friends a lot, because you see those guys right there? there are the ones I pour my frustration on whenever I needed company and all, funnily, most times, there don’t even know I am hurt.
I just maybe engage them online with long gist, or visit them to spend weekends at their place.

Imagine life without friends?
Suicide, suicide rate will be higher than this.
Never underestimate the power of your friends.


Talk to someone

When we are close with people and are intimately connected to them, our inner eyes are blindfolded to some realities. I understand people can be scumbags and all.

In fact, people can betray and lead you out of track too.
But then you gotta try to tell someone about what’s going on with you, people can help you make some necessary decisions.

Because, they maybe some abusive attitude you’ve been putting up with around your partner, to you, love is all that matters.

Whether the relationship is getting abusive or not, you don’t see this things.
Because you are in love.

Talk to someone, ask them if what is happening between you and your partner is right.

Talk and don’t die in silence.

Try to create content from your relationship

This sounds really strange but trust me when I say it works magic like crazy.
Heart broken people become poets, story tellers and content creators over night.
For once, you will come up with contents that are nonfiction.

Try to pour out your mind through write-ups and/or videos.

This will not only take your time by keeping you engaged but it will also give you the opportunity to listen to yourself and maybe know why you really want to move on.

Take relevant break or holidays.

I hear people ask, why do people always need some space and go on certain trips when they are heart broken?
Like, are you kidding me?

Do you realize this guys put a lot of energy into a relationship with people?
And you just expect them to lost their memory like they were involved in an accident that got their brains restored to factory settings?

It does not work that way.
It’s a gradual process.
It’s going to take some time.
We only don’t know how long but we hope the duration is short enough for them to realize life goes on.

So yes, go for Vacation with loved ones and friends.

Try both old and new things.

Try practicing old things. This won’t only keep you busy but will also build your sense of humor and give you a feeling of agility, like you realise how strong and powerful you are to perform some functions without the help of anyone.
Meanwhile trying new things is also a great idea, it is part of your moving on process and will help you develop your mental ability.

Practice self care.

The paramount rule anyone should imbibe is self care, as careless as we all can be when entangled with our partners, we think less of ourselves and would barely get reasonable attention from yourself. Yes it is that bad.

We are always in the forefront to please others, whether or not they care about us the same way.

Think about it, if you actually are willing to move on, then you gotta practice compulsory self love and doing like your life depends on it.

Believe in yourself

It’s a break up and not a death sentence. Stop telling yourself how Less of a person you are and that is why you were dumped.
Who said you were dumped anyway? Relationships will always end in a not too good way (most cases) and it’s not your fault, you are not inferior. You are a strong personality.
Believe in yourself.

Be generous

The generous feeling comes with fulfillment, peace of mind and happiness.
Most often, you are busy looking out for people than been weighed down by a past you are trying to forget.
Be generous.

Every tip shared in this article is a go to skill and very practical, I hope you find a way around helping your self out from a relationship that you don’t see a future in.

What ever the case may be, do remember that we only live once and your happiness is more paramount.
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We love you and wish you all the peace in the world.
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Love and light.

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