I’m single at 28 what do i do?

Break ups at 28 always sounds weird

I personally think there’s something spectacular about break-ups that happens at 28 years and above, lol.

You will have between coping with emotional trauma and pressure from the feeling that your relationship should have ended how you planned, I know right.

Don’t worry about it, not all relationships lead to marriage, don’t worry about what people will say, we get that a lot right?

But now that most of your friends are getting married, facebook news feed crowded with pre-wedding and marriage photos, babies and family hangouts, it’s always normal to feel like you are lagging behind, it has a way of lighting what you don’t have.

“But why is this relationship thing not working for me?“I need to get married”

These are a few out of many things I hear regularly from 28- 30 something people who are maybe frustrated, sad and jealous because they are single. Like there’s a secret puzzle to be unravelled. So when we compare ourselves with others, don’t judge us.

Nevertheless, I’m going to share with you what I think is the best answer to the question “I’m single at 28, what do I do?

1. It is alright to want someone to spend your life with. So being single can be a perfect opportunity to know what you really want from someone, you will know how to avoid settling down just for the reason of wanting a partner.

Being single comes with the temptation of settling with “Hell no” partners just because you needed to settle down, so instead of taking a decision based on what I lack, it can give me a different foresight on the whole dating and finding the right partner stuff.

Now I have the option of settling with anyone that comes my way and be ready for another breakup or take a wise and better decision to chill.

Good thing is, being single is an underrated freedom, you have all the super power to relax and find out what you want from a relationship, you have the freedom to show off the whole vibe you are made of, you can see friends, travel, hang out, attend parties, go for dates or you can focus on your work completely which of course will give you tremendous results.
Freedom to do whatever you wanna do.

I'm single at 28 what do I do? (A woman brooding)

I’m single at 28 what do I do? (A woman brooding)


2. Your goal on relationship is to find a partner to spend your life with, perfect!!

But brooding over the fact that you are out-rightly single at this age is totally wrong, and you might not get engaged anytime soon at least not with the right person.

Your moping will trigger an energy that will be desperate, the ” I want it now” signal, you will only find yourself settling for less or wrong people ( that is the right word -wrong).

Actually, you have a few choices to make. Accept where you are and all the opportunities that comes with it. Develop yourself. Discover what caused your break-ups in the past, what were your wrongs? and work on them. Work on being the person you want to be in your future relationship. Go for something, Work for yourself.

Do new things, visit new and great places, look good, try to be bold in whatever you do. You never can tell who you might meet or the opportunities that awaits you.

Hang out more with your friends who are single, avoid your coupled friends (most of them will ruin your happiness with the fantasies of their homes).
More importantly, just be around people who make you feel good and excited or at least enthusiastic about life.

I'm single at 28 what do I do? (A woman depressed) )

I’m single at 28 what do I do? (A woman depressed) )


3. Dwell. It’s great you are feeling that way. It’s important because it can reveal some harsh, bitter and cold truths that might need to be attended to. But that’s no reason to dwell overload, it can be a trigger of anxiety.

If you are still single and not happy about it, well, that’s fine. It shows you know what you want. But don’t waste so much time moping over it. Fun, love, romance, friendship, excitement – all these are out there, if you can open the eyes of your understanding, accept where and who you are, the relationship will certainly come.


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