How To Get started When You’re Overwhelmed.

So today we’ll be looking at how to rekindle that fire when the ocean sits on your throat.
There’s that period that comes with flurry of activities and you’re caught between starting and when to start.

Those deadline to catch, groceries to shop, back to school preparation, volunteering, school supplies to fix, gym schedules, social interactions, school work, writing or creating any other form of arts and more are usually all part of life.

That jumpy overwhelming feeling..

Sometimes you hit your chest and say you’ll complete a task today and two days on you haven’t started yet.

You promise to finish a piece of writing yet nothing happens.
Now they’re measures to take Every time you’re in this situation.
First, understand you don’t necessarily need to rush up your work, you just need to get started and that’s progress. Like the saying, much haste less speed..

You don’t also have to worry about the things you couldn’t accomplish – worrying keeps you busy over nothing.
We’ll highlight steps to overcoming Overwhelm.


How To Get Started When You're Overwhelmed ( an upset woman)

How To Get Started When You’re Overwhelmed ( an upset woman)

1. What Do You Want?

Ask yourself what exactly do I want?
How important is what I want to my life?

Is the thought of what I want leaving railway tracks on my heart?
This will help you figure out what’s more important to start with first, so in case you couldn’t meet up with some of your schedule tasks, you will find peace knowing that you already completed what is more important to you.


2. The most outstanding thought is “Want of time and Lack of It”

You know how they say time waits for no one?

That’s not a lie, but you can’t possibly run on every task at once. You must not do everything, in fact it is not mandatory, just make sure you do something.

I hear people wishing for more hours to be added to the already 24 hours we have in a day lol. I think the time we have is enough for us to achieve all we want. Just get started, ignore all you have piled up for you to do. At least maximize your time and do what you can.

3. Have a To do list

A list doesn’t just serves as a guide but as a reminder of the task you need to put down.

PS: your list should be something your eyes can look at often, You could use sticky notes or a note pad or your phone as one.
For every task you complete leave a check tick on it.

At the end of the day look at the things you did and celebrate your self for them and continue with the rest the next day.

The most important thing is that you are still alive to carry out the rest of your activities. Don’t get overwhelmed and slump, no one does your type of work in the under world.

We only live once, I say this to people a lot, so please chill, get started. Do what you can. And leave the rest.


Was this article helpful? how do you handle overwhelming period?

Did you crash? tell us in the comment session, i’ll like to chat with you.

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