How social media affects women self esteem in Nigeria

This article is almost for every woman in Nigeria, because yes!! Somehow social media have had an effect on your self esteem. It’s either the effect was negative or positive either ways, there was an effect (As my fellow Nigerians will say it ).

This article will address your quest about what social media has caused so far.
First off, you and I know Social_media is almost as important as the air we breath, because it has contributed tremendously to our today century, at such the importance can not be overemphasized.
So, this article is going to share with us people’s opinions and life experiences on how social media affects women self esteem in Nigeria.

When a woman is focused and paying the price for her future now she wouldn’t be moved by the display of life of people on social media. Most of the pictures people paint on social media about their lives are not genuine or misinterpreted.

Here is a short gist about a guy I knew from University days, though I was ahead of him but we were in same department. After we left school, he went into fish farming and was doing well. He persuaded me to start the business, but I had the plan to go further in my academics. Few years after, i saw a glamorous picture of him on FB, he was seated on a beautiful Italian leathered cushion chair in a well interior designed sitting room. I was like, wow! This guy is now a big man, how I wished I invested the money I used for my Msc for the fish farming he introduced to me.

Few weeks ago, he celebrated his birthday and I saw his real sitting room. Not bragging, the set of chairs in my sitting room is far better than his. The previous picture was a picture he must have taken when he visited someone.

Women need to stop comparing themselves with others who are probably displaying fake life, fake beauty(use of snap chat), fake happy marriage, fake prosperity etc. Appreciate yourself, don’t despise your little beginning.”
‘Tolulope Ogedengbe’

Tolulope Ogedengbe

Women get negative feedback from social media that makes them insecure and frustrated.
People don’t post ugly pictures or when they are depressed, they give you a vibe that portrays positivity,¬†and that’s all you have access to.
People generally portray themselves positively, they don’t post their bad times or days, or even photos of themselves looking sick, not well kept, probably frustrated.

Most Social media users tend to think that the thin/slim people are more attractive and may be more self conscious about how they they themselves look.
They are also more motivated to exercise or many other means in a bid to improve their body bodies (which it’s not even necessary).

Social media has become a way to put false reality in our vision whether we opt for them or not.

Let’s not Allow Social media Affect our self esteem, it’s just fun that is meant to be.”
Canice Ruth
IG handle @Caniceunusual
Facebook @Canice Ruth

Canice Ruth

Most times I wonder if there will be so much nudity flying around if there was not social media.
Sharing naked pictures in exchange for love, it’s really sad but it is what it is.
“Cecilia Ibingha.”


Social media can influence women positively and enable them get a good self esteem, they can get inspired by someone and choose to standout……but it all depend on the choices we make.

How a woman self-esteem gets affected just from the pictures or videos posted on social media amazes me.

They get wrong messages that all the looks on facebook is real.

And this can lower the self esteem of a woman as she feels she’s not measuring up to standard not knowing that social media is more of make believe.”

Obi Love

IG: Zereshh

Obi Love

Women are very emotional beings and we react quickly to everything. Women are also very competitive and always want to show off and social media is the best place/platform/opportunity to show the world how beautiful we are and how much we own.

Social media is the new home and safe space and women particularly want to have the best record and because of this, their online and offline confidence depends on how good their social media life is, from followings to likes and comments to the point that they tend to be very unhappy when they don’t hit their target.

And that’s the main reason why especially women take pictures in the best places just to put up on their social media platforms.
IG: Calabar_beadsplug

Elizabeth Idor


Social media affects women self esteem in Nigeria differently, it’s already stated clearly from different opinions above.

However, social media should always stir positive vibes and help you fix technological problems, we are tired of having people die of depression as a result of social media.

Maybe you should just ignore the competitive aspect and focus on the educative? Is that possible? Abi is that not a solution to this low self esteem that comes with social media?
Or what is your opinion?

Tell us in the comment session, I’ll like to hear from you, plus you can share life experiences too?

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