How do I stop my Procrastination habit as a woman ?

The simple truth:

Going down memory lane on my career life I have found out a simple truth. The ability to concentrate single minded on your most important task, to do it well and to finish it completely, it is the key to success.

If you fall into the category of most people, you always have excess work to do within a short duration. As you struggle to get caught up, new task and responsibilities keep rolling in like the waves of the ocean.
Because of this, you will always be behind your task, you may or may not finish some of them.

The Need to be selective:

Before we discuss deeply on the steps to stop procrastination as a habit, I’ll give you a reason why you need to be selective.

Your ability to select your most important task at each moment and then get started on that task and get it done more quickly and well, will probably have more of an impact on your success than any other quality and skill you can develop.

Look here, you should first develop the habit of setting clear priorities and getting important task completed quickly you will be 10 times better than a genius who talks about and makes wonderful plans but who gets very little or none done.

Tip: If you have to procrastinate, do it with the easiest and less relevant task.

Many women and men ask this question a lot, how do I stop my procrastination habit?  

Here are three very practical steps to deal with the habit and take full control of yourself.

1. Accept that you are procrastinating:

I don’t know why people do this, but it’s saddening how you practically tell yourself that “all is well”
All isn’t well, if you still have previous task on your desk pilling up, then you are procrastinating and you gotta accept that.

See that, you have so much to do, yet you can’t see yourself doing anything or moving an inch to make progress.
Stop framing excuses to cover up your habit of procrastination.


2. Work out why you procrastinate:

People have different reasons why they procrastinate, although there’s actually no good reason to procrastinate.
Nevertheless, you have to know why you procrastinate.


How do I stop my procrastination habit as a woman (A woman who have so much to do in a little time)

How do I stop my procrastination habit as a woman (A woman who have so much to do in a little time)


Are you procrastinating because:

a. You start tackling your task from the smallest, easiest and less important first? – Always do your biggest, most important, the one you are more likely to procrastinate on if you don’t do something about it. And it should be the one task that can have the greatest positive impact on your life.

b. You are feeling lazy: This is one of the most reason women procrastinate – you can easily fight this with concentration and focus.

How ever this can only be achieved by key qualities that are learnable – Decision, discipline and determination.

Make a decision to develop a habit of completion, discipline yourself to practice the principle you are about to learn and then back everything up with determination.

3. Adopt anti-procrastination strategies:

Now it’s the time to get the perfect answers to that question “How do I stop my procrastination habit?
Break your procrastination habit down in steps:

  •  Put it in writing:

How do I stop my procrastination habit as a woman ( A woman writing her goals or task)

How do I stop my procrastination habit as a woman ( A woman writing her goals or task)


Never under estimate the power of written task. It gives you a clear view of what you have to do, make them clear enough, by that you can easily figure out which need attention first and more energy.

When you don’t write down your task, your procrastination mind takes charge of you, you can only find yourself doing the small task which may contribute little or nothing to your success.

  • Name your feelings:

How do you feel about your present task or goals, do they look voluminous for you to handle? Do you feel lazy to start? Do you feel excited about them? Do you think you can achieve them soon enough?

Name your feelings, know how you feel about your goals, don’t ignore. It is dangerous to do that.

This can help you know your strength and weakness towards a particular goal.

Tip: Think on paper

Now you know how you feel, you know which feelings are destructive ( negative) and helpful (positive).

It’s now time to neutralize those negative feelings, you know how? By starting with the goals you feel lazy and negative about, those are the important goals that will have lasting positive impact on your success life.

  • Start:

You should start immediately, not later, not tomorrow, start Now!! If you are the type that feels too lazy to start task, try slowly and gently, do it with focus and excitement, soon you will gather momentum and agility will certainly set in.

Tip: Never wait.


  • Praise each little step:

Always appreciate every little action you take towards completing your task and achieving your goals.


Nothing bad about celebrating little wins, it helps you work harder in completing the rest of your task.

  • Fight resistance:

Resistance will come dear woman, oversight activities, such as family, friends and fun but you gotta fight them.

That was why I said, written goals are achievable goals.

When writing your task, you have the opportunity to fit in your resistance as some of your task too. It will only depend on you to prioritize them.

  • Enjoy the win:

The above steps only make you win at the end.

So I expect anyone who follows each principle listed above to know how to stop her procrastination habit as a woman.


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