How can I develop myself.


If you are always thinking of ways to develop and improve from who you are right now or maybe you’ve being on this personal development thing for a while now, Mehn!, you are not alone in that shitty state.
I’ve once being there, in fact it was just 3 years ago, I thought deeply on ways I could become a better version of myself and be an ideal woman, ( I had/have a mental picture of who I really wanted to develop myself into) shockingly,it is not as easy as we say it.

But somehow I have recorded tremendous changes when it comes to personal development and in this article, I’m going to share with you practical tips to give you rapid development .

Tips on how you can develop yourself

Wake up early

Waking up early, gives you a sense of readiness to face your day and every activity that comes with it. Rising early enough gives you the opportunity to plan your day ahead.
Not the usual waking up 1 hour to work or appointment time and now you still got to fix some stuffs at home, you will not even have anytime to think about yourself.
People who do this always run late for appointment and still not achieve anything personal.


Choose role models

I’m going to tell you one of my top secrets, promise me you won’t tell anyone, lol!.

Okay, here it is “Oprah Winfrey is one of my role models” when I was growing up, I heard some myths about having role models ” that role model always have negative effect on their subordinates and they must be someone you know ” wow, but here it is, I found out the truth “role models play 40 percent role in your personal development, apparently, we all need role models
( role model appeared too many times😁, I’m sorry about that, I’m just trying to ring the importance )

Plus, role models must not be a close person, after all, I have never seen Oprah_Winfrey before, although I wish to see her someday but this doesn’t change her contributions in my life.


Read about what you want to improve

I usually didn’t like reading so much but when I decided to start writing, I knew I was also up for a reading challenge.

But if I have to read, it has to be materials that will improve my writing skills and develop me to the writer I desire to be, I shouldn’t just be around every book I come across ( no knowledge is wasted, I know right? I only consider reading other contents when I know they are useful right away or in the future)

Find a mentor

During my teenage years, my Aunt was my mentor, it was the best decision, because at the time, she met my criteria and she contributed so much in building my self-esteem and developing my mindset. Maybe I wouldn’t be here if I never had a mentor. I may still not go further if I don’t have a mentor.

I am very inquisitive and like doing things right, people who I look up to or my mentors are really tolerant and well behaved.
You need to find a mentor, a person you can trust with part of your future, let them be around to guide and encourage you when you are down or broken.

The journey of development cannot be embarked on alone, you need an experienced person also.


Reflect at the end of each day

Remember to reflect at the end of each day, it’s like a business person taking stock of how his sales went the previous day.

Reflection will help you know how much of your day activities were achieved and if you should try harder the next day.
Create a strong practice regimen.

Practice they say makes perfection, whatever your plans are regarding your personal development, it has to be realistic and feasible, such that you can easily practice without so much stress.
Once you come up with a strong practice regimen, achieving your goals will be easy and less strenuous.

Practice is a form of discipline and consistency, you just have to imbibe the habit and you will see results.


Find others to push you and train with

Self development might be personal but it is always better to follow other people who have same goal, this set of people will not only push you, they will also train with you, and your journey won’t take too long.


Create a reward/punishment system

Usually when I achieve anything, no matter how little, I will always give myself a treat, I will buy chocolate and prepare a smoothie for myself, that is me thanking my strength for doing a new important thing in my life.

So what do I do when I fail? well, I brood, I will stay off social media, stay off my family and friends, this sound a little too hard right?

Well, it’s isn’t for so long, it just gives me new ideas to re-plan and to me that’s a punishment system.

Stay honest with yourself

I will always tell young people, you can’t lie to yourself, because you know your strengths and weaknesses.

Always be honest, if you aren’t getting it right, make sure you rethink your strategy.

Evaluate your steps, know why you are failing and try to make quick changes and amends.

Don’t front a public picture that you are not, let your true self reflect. If you are not comfortable with who you are, then you should do something about it.

Be Consistent

Consistency is paramount and is key, nothing good comes easy.
Only the strong achieves, no short cut to success.

It is either you pay the price of success which got everything to do with consistency or you sit back and wallow in self pity.


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