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My Name is Otaba Dorcas. A graduate of Biology from Cross River University Of Technology, Calabar. Cross River State.

I am a content Marketer/Writer, Blogger and Entrepreneur.

Wondering how I started writing?

Well, I’ve being writing since high school days. Writing remain a passion and as long as my articles and works give people’s life a meaning I don’t see myself doing any other work other than writing.

I also help businesses define their vision and tell about their product and services in a simple way that attract their customers and increase sales and inputs. I can give your business a new phase too

In the journey of writing are tales of fun and memories, we started out small, with the intention of writing heart touching stories, inspirational articles etc

It started with a WordPress free account in 2017 and has since evolved across different dimensions, struggles, lost sight, took another chance, and now we got a niche, my favorite (woman).

I can talk about WOMAN as a gender and how proud I am to be one. So much to write about this gender, past experiences, general knowledge from reading books, attending seminars and talks etc. I’ve got all this to share with you.

This blog is for you who desire a shift, changing narratives and know more about a woman psychological, mental and emotional health.

Did I hear you say a MAN shouldn’t be here? Oh no dear!! We need you even more.

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See you around.

You can reach me at:

Tel: 09035791984

Facebook: Dorcas Sampson

Instagram: officialdorcas

twitter: Dorcas91291017

Best regards!