7 habits a woman should add to her routine.

Daily habits – wake up, brush your teeth, bathe, get dressed and out you go. This are normal routine for every up and doing woman.

However, we think it is still possible to incorporate this seven habits in your daily routine.They will only help strengthen your personal and career life.


7 habits a woman should add to her daily routine include:


You need to stay still in bed, for few minutes atleast, visualize what your day will look like. Think of people you expect to meet at work (or where ever you will go) . What are your goals for the day? ( if you don’t have already, come up with some). what do you plan to achieve at work? What should be in your to-do-list?

You may need to write out your plans ( This will make them realistic and achievable anyway).

Few minutes of laying down, engaging the mind, meditating and having a mental picture of your day will change a lot ( proven fact!! it actually worked for me though, maybe you should try this out to see).

You will feel different. You feel like a burden or luggage was lifted off your shoulder. Because as you step out of bed your brain is being sent ahead of you based on what you visualized or wrote down.

2. Take glass of water immediately after you leave the bed.

Everyone needs to drink Water because it’s a necessity.

Drinking water first ( immediately you leave the bed or maybe before breakfast ) helps keep the mind and body healthy to prepare for tasks ahead. It helps refresh your mood and increase your body agility.

When next you feel weak and lazy or hungry, take a glass of cold water and watch you transform from being moody.

Water is part of life.

3. Do daily exercise

7 habits a woman should add to her routine ( A lady doing exercise )

7 habits a woman should add to her routine ( A lady doing exercise )

Morning exercise works on your body ( the only opportunity you need to keep fit)  and exercise the mindset too.
Try to move the body once you leave your bed. starting your day with exercising or movement makes you keep fit and even loss weight. The exercise must not be strenuous. Just a 30 minutes walk or jogging round the house can help also.

The period of exercise will help build your focus and discipline level. keeping with morning workout routine as a woman is somewhat difficult ( i know right), so making it a strong habit shows you are trying to instill in you a new habit call DISCIPLINE.

4. Eat Breakfast

Starting your day without breakfast is wrong.Breakfast helps awaken the spirit, soul and body.

Breakfast means you are already putting your system to work and when the body mechanisms start processing (digesting) the food taken into the system, you are sure your system is ready ( awake ) to work for that day.

In the contrary, not eating breakfast keeps you weak and lousy. You become sluggish because your body mechanisms are perhaps still sleeping.

You don’t want any of this feeling. I know!!

5. Read a book

7 habits a woman should add to her routine ( A lady reading a book )

7 habits a woman should add to her routine ( A lady reading a book )

Try ( i mean TRY! because to some of us, reading is a struggle, so we try )  not to let a day pass without reading a good book, one page per each day is at least recommended for women trying to adopt reading as a habit and hope you grow to more than a page soon.

Reading a book, helps refresh and build your mind to do even more and maybe teach you about routine and time management.

6. Do something Unique:

7 habits a woman should add to her routine ( a woman sitting in her office)

7 habits a woman should add to her routine ( a woman sitting in her office)

Doing something unique every day takes you close to your goal or nearer to your dreams.

Whatever your goal is, try to do something new about it everyday. For instance if your goal is to check mails for new jobs from clients, you should clear your mails everyday, reply or delete them.

You may miss an important mail and information by mere procrastination and ignoring tasks. Remember it is one single step that takes you close to your dream (goal)

7. Eat often

7 habits a woman should add to her routine ( A lady eating )

7 habits a woman should add to her routine ( A lady eating)

Do not starve for any reason. Don’t get carried away and forget you are working in an empty stomach.

Eating often keeps you active throughout the day.

Always remember to pause, take a break, go have lunch. Eat fruits and vegetables.

When drafting your daily routine always remember to include your feeding schedule, it is also one of your important items.



Being a woman, wife and mother does not mean you should always have unplanned days ahead.

Get a routine for yourself, you should include other important items too ( family and friends).

Women who are leaders didn’t get to that stage or height by being lousy housewives, mothers and CEO, they took extra steps.


Kindly take the exercise below:
1. Take a plane paper and write out a routine.
2. Tick out the most important items.
3. Determine to start doing them.

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Are they habits women should add to their routine that was not written here?
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