10 bad habits you need to quit right now

Putting up a productivity activity – a schedule that aids you maintain a peak level of high energy can make you get the best out of your days.

Planning your schedule can help you remove activities that can drain and prevent your progress and your bad habits are included.

Agree with me or not, bad habits are not good for you, they affect you mentally, emotionally, psychologically, physically and most times even socially. I understand that some bad habits can be very hard to quit compared to the ones you easily do away with, however, you still have to do away with them.


10 Habits You Need to quit right now ( a sad woman)

10 Habits You Need to quit right now ( a sad woman)

Here are 10 bad habits you need to quit right now:

1. Nail Biting

Nail biting is unhygienic — that is a proven fact, but it can affect your social life, result to dental problems, of course it can also cause stomach upset because of the unhygienic substance you take inside, your finger nails will get deformed on the long run.

As you bite your nails, they tend to get shorter, your nail plates also experience scarring and may result to absence of nail plates.

Discover what triggers your nail biting habit and try to replace it with some positive habit.

2. Hanging out with Naysayers

We know these people — people who are devil incarnate to every goal and idea you want to go for. We have a mind of our own that criticize us first, so it becomes worst when you have someone around you who is always ready to disagree with your plans and talk it down.
Never hang out with these naysayers and spend more time with supportive and positive people who share constructive feedback and give you a sense of belonging instead. You will find more joy this way.

3. Smoking

Smoking is one of the causes of death that can be prevented globally.
In just Nigeria alone, about 300,000 deaths are attributed to smoking related disease
In Nigeria, about 300,000 deaths are attributed to smoking related diseases on an annual basis.

According to World Health Organisation- Smokers die younger, smoking also causes premature skin aging ( wrinkling on a young persons skin). Bad breath, yellow skin and you expose your loved ones who are close to you to some of these smoke related diseases because they are passive smokers who inhale the smoke indirectly.

4. Excessive Drinking

All of us know drinking excess alcohol is bad for us, but do you know the harm that can be caused?

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, drinking too much, be it regularly or occasionally, can seriously cause harm to your health.

If drinking is part of your addictions, cutting off completely at once can be tasking, you can cut it down to the number of glasses you take each time you drink in a week.

5.Eating Junk Food

Junk food are everywhere in our today society. From Mr Biggs to KFC, to Spa to 24/7 takeouts, junk food which include fries, highly processed sausage and burgers and sodas has become a norm in our society today.

I know you will say, “Hello, can’t you see junk food is tasty!”, think again:
Study shows that the excessive consumption of junk food alters or slows down the activities in the brain by a way that looks similar to drug addiction like Marijuana and heroin.

It may not be possible to completely remove junk food immediately from our diet but you can try reducing the junk food today, just as Oyindamola, my friend did Instead of caffeinated drinks, you can try fresh fruit juice that is neither Carbonated nor preserved.

Replace fries with mashed potato, a salad, or rice (They are food outlets that sells this stuffs). Eat roasted or grilled meat instead of fried.

6. Eating Too Much Red Meat

Red meat is harmful, it causes more harm to your healthy organs, there are evidence that excess consumption of red meat increases susceptibility to Oesophageal cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer .
Do watch out and limit your intake of red meat— better still, don’t eat red meat at all. ”

7. Watching Too Much TV

Brian Tracy in his book “Eat that frog” said he has never regretted not watching TV for over two decades now because that decision boost productivity.

You can watch TV if you want, especially well scripted dramas and news which can be a nice way to relax but always know that TV isn’t your world and can be considered as a bad habit too.
Using three hours everyday watching TV will not produce any positive change, you can use that time to read good books, reflect, meditate and take actions on great ideas.

8. Being Late

Are you aware that being late is being rude to other people? Lol!! It also means you are not steady, struggling to catch up with your agenda, and of course you must always apologize to everyone you meet- that feeling sucks right?

Decease from lateness and you should not be punctual too, instead why not be early. Plan to arrive 20 minutes earlier before any appointments or meetings, bring with you what will engage you for the 20 minutes while you wait. Then you can stop living a rushy life and always trying to meet up.

10 Habits You Need to quit right now ( a woman running late for an appointment) )

10 Habits You Need to quit right now ( a disorganized woman)

9. Leaving Things to the Last Minute

Burning midnight candles in a rush is wrong.
Those of you who wait till die-minutes before submitting school work in colleges will know it is not fun at all. Not only is it harmful to your health, it can also be exhausting as you are always hyper-tensed, feeling scared whether you can finish the work on time or not.

Rather than waiting for deadlines, why not start today?, Be agile about your goals and always remember to plan ahead, taking note of what needs to be done within a specific period and getting them done on time or even in advance.

10. Focusing on the Negatives

Life always present us with two sides of a coin, always remember that as much as you have the negative side of a phase, there are also areas that are going smoothly.

Although it is always easy to focus on the negative but it doesn’t even inspire or encourage us, you know how important the end product of your goal is, so why dwell so much on the negatives that will soon fade.


Here, you find the 10 most common bad habits and their consequences on your mind and body. The exciting news is that you can quit them all it’s just a matter of time and commitment.

Your bad habits might not be listed here, but my suggestion works for any habit, if you want to quit them? then you gotta try, then you will find life more beautiful

I know this article was helpful
Tell me what you think, how long have you tried to quit a stubborn habit?
Was your try successful? use the comment session and share the article with your friends and loved ones as well.

See you around

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